Back to School

      As a student enrollment coordinator, there are very few things I can’t do from the comfort of my computer. My boss and I always joke that if they put a coffee pot and a bathroom in our back corner of the office, we would never leave. We joke, but I hope it never actually happens because I would truly fear for my ability to maintain any type of social skills.

      With that in mind, after a while I started to become curious about what our site coordinators did on a daily basis at their schools. Following the suggestion of our Executive Director, I began reaching out to different coordinators to ask if I could stop by and talk to them about data, programming, and everything in between. Honestly, I just wanted to hear about their days.

      Whether I had visited an elementary, middle, or high school, I received a welcoming and unique experience at each site. I was lead on personal school tours, I participated in a 6th grade career preparation session (voluntarily, I could always use a little more direction), I helped hand out cupcakes for Honor Roll students, and even got to watch first hand one coordinator recruit a student to join CIS. I had one site coordinator sit down with me for hours and patiently go through every detail of her strategic plan for the school year just because she wanted to make sure that I left knowing it all. Oh, and on one of my visits I asked our site staff what all the name tags on her wall were for and she nonchalantly responded that they were for the hundreds of volunteers that she organized on a daily basis. HUNDREDS?!? Casual…

      I would always leave these visits so exhilarated. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job as enrollment coordinator, but a change of pace is always refreshing. Plus, I’m only here for a year; I want to learn everything about CIS while I still can, so these visits gave me a more comprehensive view about who our organization is.

      But with all that being said, I would be remiss to say that these visits only left me more educated. We as fellows were placed in these positions in order to contribute to our organization’s efforts in a powerful and meaningful way, and the CIS site staff should be a model for us all. Our coordinators, one of whom has been at CIS longer than I have been alive (!), are out there every day juggling the multiple roles they are asked to play within their school, and on top of that, finding the time to provide the support and resources our students need not only to succeed in school but also in life. And I think they’re incredible.