Spiral Bound

Spiral BoundBefore starting my fellowship, I spent much of the summer wondering what exactly I would be doing as the “Cultural Education Special Projects Fellow” at ASC. Sure, my job description provided a glimpse of my daily responsibilities – “supports the ASC education team by providing logistical and managerial support in the area of special projects” … “manages ASC advocacy strategy relevant to special projects” … “creates data representation associated with special projects” – yet the vague language of job descriptions provided little detail of the nature of these “special projects.”

Needless to say, I was relieved when one of my first “special project” assignments gave me the opportunity to collaborate with Davidson to plan a campus screening of our arts advocacy documentary Spiral Bound: Living & Learning through the Arts.

Last summer, my boss Dr. Barbara Ann Temple, ASC Vice President of Education, partnered with Davidson to serve as an internship site for an Education Scholar.  The Davidson Education Scholars program aims to drive change at every level of our education system through the integration of workshops and immersive internships.  Barbara Ann was inspired by the program’s mission, and immediately saw an opportunity for a point of connection between these scholars and high school students from ASC’s arts-based youth development program, Studio 345. Over the course of the summer, these two cohorts examined our educational climate through intensive dialogue, team building and a trip to Washington D.C. Spiral Bound captures their experience, and throughout the film we see the Studio 345 and Davidson College students become education activists and emerging artists. While this summer program serves as the impetus behind the film’s narrative, Spiral Bound’s reveals the importance of equity, access and opportunity in public and higher education on a national level.

Planning the campus Spiral Bound screening was a wonderful first special project. I got to collaborate with a variety of campus offices and was excited to see the reaction of the Davidson community. In addition to providing me with an abundance of interesting projects, Spiral Bound served as an excellent orientation to the impact the Arts & Science Council is making in the Charlotte community and beyond.

Spiral Bound Trailer-SD