Impact Partners – Davidson College &YES Prep Public Schools

Working as an Impact Fellow for YES Prep Public Schools certainly ensures that my days are never predictable. Collaboration with the Communications, Advancement, and District Partnership Teams provides me with varied insight into the professional world I never would have gained in another postgrad position. Apart from planning the YES Prep College Rush Run, I’ve assisted with organizing press conferences, currently serve on a task force which works to place students into our schools, and will soon learn video production and website management.

While I enjoy every aspect of my fellowship, working from the Home Office means I don’t interact with kids on campuses as much as other YES Prep employees. During the fall college fair, however, I was able to see for myself the incredible opportunities YES provides its students. As I passed around information about the upcoming run to college representatives, I obviously kept an eye out for the Davidson table. It was exciting to see a fellow Wildcat just a few weeks before my own first homecoming as a Davidson graduate. As a YES Prep Impact School, each year, Davidson accepts cohorts of students and partners with the College Initiatives team to ensure their success.

Impact Partners - Davidson College &YES Prep Public Schools

Sarah McIlroy, Davidson Admissions Counselor, and me at the YES Prep College Fair!

After chatting with Sarah McIlroy, the Davidson admissions counselor, I stepped back and watched the gym of YES Prep’s Southeast campus fill with eager high school seniors. As I looked over the crowded space, it dawned on me: every single one of them will be accepted to college. Here, I saw, hundreds of students, many whose first generation immigrant families never envisioned higher education for their children, speaking to over 150 of college counselors. For these students and their parents, college was no longer a reach, but a reality that YES Prep made possible.

It’s difficult to describe the excitement I felt that day, and I’m unsure if I conveyed it successfully, but in that moment at the college fair, I was infinitely thankful to have been partnered with an organization dedicated to its success. Am I surprised that YES Prep was named one of Houston’s the Best Places to Work? Not really, I witness the hard work and creativity of my coworkers every day and am lucky to be amongst them. I look forward to seeing YES Prep grow and am thankful to become a small part of their efforts!